Getting Started

SundaeCorp's direct acquisition interests are broad. We are interested in:
  • Technology companies that may have "something", but can not get it to market for a variety of reasons including the 3M's: money, marketing and management.

  • Established businesses that have "tired" product lines and need a technological infusion and/or a marketing or management make over.

  • Companies with products or technologies that can be merged into one of our clients product lines that will help to expand or fill available manufacturing and marketing capacities.

To get started, contact us with a general outline of what you would like to accomplish, or specific tasks you need completed. We recognize that time is an irreplaceable commodity; therefore, we will quickly respond to let you know if the request is within the scope of our skills. Otherwise, if possible, a referral to another company will be provided. If the request can be met, a NDA will be sent for execution, so that discussion may commenced.

Right Align If you plan to purchase, sell or partner with a manufacturing company in the future, we encourage you to continue reading. If you believe we can be of service, call Ray Hicks directly at 810.610.3903.