• Technological Evaluation. Our expertise lies in evaluating a individual or a portfolio of technology as a part of the overall goal of business acquisition, sale or merger. This is done to establish a going forward value based on parameters of use and market potentials.

  • Partnering. We regularly bring together complimentary companies to produce a new product or service. Finding the right technology partner is often more important than the underlying technology. Today with skills and competencies being so specific, the ability to determine if "the sum will be greater than the parts" is invaluable knowledge when exploring technological opportunities.

  • Finance. Sundae provides documentation for short term venture financing or to bridge ownership transitions. Success may not be attainable without the infusion of capital. We provide realistic advice to parties interested in financing for our client as well as assisting in locating finance for specific purposes. We invest for ourselves and partners. We partner and use the services of - but have no direct affiliation with - any bank, venture capital or private equity company.

  • Management Services. While we are not a management service company, we can assist our client's internal company management or a contracted management service to implement the technical aspects of strategies and applications that we develop for the client. Often we participate in an overall reorganization of a company as a company-initiated process. or as the result of an acquisition or merger.

  • Patents and intellectual property. We can define the most valuable aspects of a company's technology that needs market protection, and assist in acquiring those protections. We can also develop licensing plans, programs and strategies to exploit a technology on a broad scale within or across several industries.

  • Confidentiality. We are extremely discreet about our engagements, and will not commence any specific discussions without a mutual non-disclosure agreement in place. We are as concerned about the security of confidential information as our clients are.

  • Acquisition management. On behalf of clients or for ourselves we have participated as partners or as single-entity purchasers of companies that have certain characteristics that meet specific interests or strategic goals. In this situation we will initiate the financial, technical and legal evaluation necessary to determine the level of interest going forward. Should the interest to proceed exist, the appropriate licensed professionals will be called to execute the tasks to effect the transaction. Post transaction plans may include reorganization, or merging the acquisition into yet another entity.

Right Align If you plan to purchase, sell or partner with a manufacturing company in the future, we encourage you to continue reading. If you believe we can be of service, call Ray Hicks directly at 810.610.3903.