Who We Are

Sundae, Inc. provides technological analysis and support to manufacturing and marketing companies in order to develop strategies to exploit intellectual properties and technologies. This may ultimately result in new marketing programs leveraging technology for an on-going business, or the sale or acquisition by a third-party.

Our unique focus on manufacturing technology and the resulting products - combined with decades of experience evaluating intellectual properties - insure our clients have the information they need to make sound business decisions. Sundae is not limited in its markets: our interests, services and clients are worldwide.

Services Available

  • Evaluate technology with the goal of business acquisition or sale

  • Merge complimentary high-tech manufacturing companies

  • Develop horizontal or vertical mergers to maximize manufacturing capabilities

  • Provide access to short-term venture capital to bridge ownership transition

  • Develop and place management turn-around teams for manufacturing operations

  • Consult on patent acquisition and litigation

Right Align If you plan to purchase, sell or partner with a manufacturing company in the future, we encourage you to continue reading. If you believe we can be of service, call Ray Hicks directly at 810.610.3903.